Knowledge Repository

A repository of academic and research papers on SAARC and related issues available online.

  Title Year of Publication
  Impact of Information Communication Technology on Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from SAARC Countries 2015
  Economic and Trade Cooperation Under SAARC 2016
  Climate change impact on coastal fisheries and aquaculture in the SAARC region: Country paper – India 2016
  Status of Institutional Repositories in South Asia 2016
  Macroeconomic Impact of Exchange Rates on SAARC Countries 2017
  Growth Convergence and Convergence Clubs in SAARC 2016
  Significance for Good Governance of FDI in SAARC countries 2015
  India and the SAARC Satellite 2015
  The framing of SAARC development goals: South Asia’s response to millennium development goals 2016
  Enhancing Intra-SAARC Trade: Pruning India’s Sensitive List Under SAFTA 2011
  SAARC Citation Index: A Proposal for the Tool and Measurement of Scholarly Communication 2016
  Growth Convergence and Convergence Clubs in SAARC 2016
  Significance of Good Governance for FDI Inflows in SAARC Countries 2016
  Impact of Trade Liberalization on Employment: Review of SAARC Countries 2014
  The Nexus between FDI and Growth in the SAARC Member Countries 2016
  Does Financial Inclusion Affect Monetary Policy in SAARC Countries? 2016
  India and SAARC 2014
  Current account sustainability in SAARC economies: Evidence from combined cointegration approach 2016
  The impact of governance and institutions on education and poverty alleviation: a panel study of SAARC economies 2016
  An empirical investigation of banking sector development and economic growth in a panel of selected SAARC countries 2016
  Trade in Services in Asia-Pacific Assessing Barriers and Implications for Services Trade Facilitation in India 2016
  Comparison of Equity Markets of SAARC Nations with the Equity Markets European Union Nations 2016
  Size of the Government, Quality of Institutions and Growth in SAARC Countries 2013
  The SAARC Food Bank for Food Security in South Asia 2014

Composition, Direction and Intra-Regional Trade Among SAARC Countries – An Analysis

  Pak-SAARC Intra-Industry Trade 2013
  The Determinants of Inward FDI in SAARC Countries: Evidence from a Time Series data Analysis 2013
  Effects of Financial Development, Institutional Quality, and Human Capital on Economic Performance in SAARC Countries 2015